Tiberias Israel - Fall 2009
...we dig it!

Photo's & Comment by:
Bob Joki - Saratoga Springs, New York USA


Since Fall 2006 I have been a regular volunteer at the excavations in Tiberias. Each time, I've camped at the site and taken many photos of our work and play. This website represents my camera's record of the work, the people, the fun times, the tours, the archaeology and the landscape I've experienced. Each of us who have worked the dig has his or her own impressions and memories. I've included some 300 of mine - you who have been there could
fill many more websites with your own.


The Fall 2009 Season of the "New Tiberias Excavation Project" took place from October 12 through November 6. Under direction of Dr. Katia Cytryn-Silverman of the Hebrew University and Assistant Director Shulamit Miller work continued in areas we had previously excavated in the spring. A small but enthusiastic staff guided the efforts of the workers and volunteers. Throughout the season the expected and unexpected turned up as we dug. Along the way, sometimes more questions were raised than answered. During the 3rd week, a surprise duststorm and the rain which followed had a significant impact on the direction of our work. The end of season party at the site was a a surprise and an event which will be hard to forget....what a super way to conclude the season.
Thank you Katia, Shulamit, Yuli, Asaf, Roie, and Said for a great experience.


Note: During our dig I try to get as many photos as I can.
If there is anyone I missed, my apologies
- I can add more photos if necessary.

Finally - thanks to Gretchen and Keyder for providing
a few of the photos needed to help fill out the selection.


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

End of Season Party

the Roman Theater: Spring 2006 - Fall 2009

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Biblical Tamar Archaeological Park,
Ein Hatseva Israel - Fall 2007

Visit the Jerusalem Shuk - Mahane Yehuda.



Next scheduled digs at Tiberias
April 25 - May 14, 2010 and October 3 - October 31, 2010
3 weeks in the Spring and 4 Weeks in the Fall

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