Tiberias Israel - Spring 2009
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Bob Joki - Saratoga Springs, New York USA

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Fall 2009 Excavations at Tiberias

Spring 2009 brought a new season of excavations at Tiberias Israel. The photos here capture much of the activity during a 3 week period from mid-March through early April. The dig, organized by Dr. Katia Cytryn-Silverman of the Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology, focused on a part of the ancient city excavated in the 1950s and early 2000s and previously thought to be a marketplace. Katia, an expert on the Islamic period, focused study on this colonaded structure which is now believed to be a Mosque and courtyard. During the season our group's efforts were to help define and date these structures.

Along with a staff of university students and other archaeologists, a team of volunteers was assembled by Shulamit Miller, Archaeologist & Volunteer Coordinator at Hebrew University. Volunteers came from near & far including various States in the US, England, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark and Israel. For many of us, this was a return trip to work in Tiberias. Despite the early mornings and sometimes tiring work we all seemed to enjoy the experience and anxiously look forward to another dig season in the near future.

Most of the photos in my website were taken by me. Since I thought I needed a more comprehensive record, I have used some from others on the trip and I thank them. If there is anyone I missed, my apologies - I can add more photos if necessary (contact me & I'll let you know how I want them sent here).

Enjoy this selection of our season
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Hoping to see you all again, Bob


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